Significado de Scrooge, Ebenezer en en inglés

Scrooge, Ebenezer

Pronunciación /skruːdʒ/

proper noun

  • A miserly curmudgeon in Charles Dickens's novel A Christmas Carol (1843).


(also a Scrooge)
  • A person who is mean with money.

    ‘don't be a Scrooge and drive away without putting some cash in the collecting tins on the way’
    • ‘These, of course, are the same Scrooges who did nothing to stop the unemployment benefits of 800,000 workers from expiring during the midst of the holiday season.’
    • ‘For these instinctive Scrooges, ‘Spending on luxuries appears to cause… something close to physical pain.’’
    • ‘No, the internet is clever because it has flushed out the retail Scrooges who were determined to rip us off.’
    • ‘What if those who believe in the importance of personal responsibility could no longer be summarily dismissed as cold, calculating Scrooges?’
    • ‘Dotcommers, like a pack of postmodern Scrooges, had forgotten the true meaning of the New Economy.’
    • ‘He's a real Scrooge type of boss - keeps all the money for himself.’
    • ‘This owner was, however, somewhat of a Scrooge in terms of pay, bonuses, flexible working policies, etc.’
    • ‘Yes, call me a Stingy Scrooge because in that situation, I was being a Miser to the extreme.’
    miser, penny-pincher, pinchpenny, niggard, cheese-parer, hoarder, saver