Main meanings of seine in English

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Pronunciation /seɪn/

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(also seine net)
  • A fishing net which hangs vertically in the water with floats at the top and weights at the bottom edge, the ends being drawn together to encircle the fish.

    as modifier ‘a seine boat’
    • ‘The fishermen use a seine net in this fishery to encircle the tuna like a fence.’
    • ‘All the instructions were given in Irish in those days and when the spyer saw the fish he'd tell the captain and the seine net would be paid out.’
    • ‘The WDCS reports that Atlantic bottlenose dolphins are usually captured using speedboats and a seine net.’
    • ‘The two-day festival focused on the seine boat, which is the traditional fishing craft of the Iveragh Peninsula.’
    • ‘Success depended on dragging the seine close to the bottom and banks and closing it before fish escaped.’
    • ‘They consider large gill nets and lampara seines to be ‘predatory’ techniques because fish have little chance to escape and because they take both juveniles and adults.’
    • ‘A community social event which takes place every morning is the putting out of the large beach seine net and pulling it back in to catch any fish in the bay.’
    • ‘In the net lofts along the ship canal they tar their seine twine with paraffin to protect against salt water.’
    • ‘A second seine netter has begun fishing from Kilkeel.’
    • ‘Throughout the year, coastal fisheries staff wade into the shallow water along bay shorelines and drag fine-webbed seines.’
    • ‘Cajun fishermen invented or modified numerous devices: nets and seines, crab traps, shrimp boxes, bait boxes, trotlines, and frog grabs.’
    • ‘The estimates of migrating salmon invited exaggeration and fantastic stories, but the exceptional harvests by commercial fishers using seines, traps, and fish wheels seemed to justify the tales.’
    • ‘Spears were the first fishing tools used, until the invention of nets, tubs and salmon seines.’
    • ‘In the Kodiak harbor, the salmon seine fleet was loading supplies and heading out for an opening the next day, and schools of inch-long smolt darkened the water.’
    • ‘Soon fish moved only after dark, forcing fishermen to set their seines at night.’
    • ‘I had always associated this fishery with a bay in Canada, in British Columbia, that is closed off with a curtain of seine netting after the spawny herring have entered it.’


[with object]
  • 1Fish (an area) with a seine.

    • ‘the fishermen then seine the weir’
    1. 1.1Catch (fish) with a seine.
      ‘they seine whitefish and salmon’
      • ‘Brother Mickey Moore MFV ‘Sharlisa’ is continuing to seine fish.’
      • ‘James continued to seine fish with his new boat.’


Old English segne, of West Germanic origin, via Latin from Greek sagēnē; reinforced in Middle English by Old French saine.

Main meanings of Seine in English

: seine1Seine2


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proper noun

  • A river of northern France. Rising north of Dijon, it flows north-westwards for 761 km (473 miles), through the cities of Troyes and Paris to the English Channel near Le Havre.



/seɪn/ /sɛn/