Meaning of September in English:


Pronunciation /sɛpˈtɛmbə/

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  • The ninth month of the year, in the northern hemisphere usually considered the first month of autumn.

    ‘sow the plants in early September’
    • ‘a course commencing this September’
    • ‘All staff have been fired with immediate effect and may not be paid for the month of September.’
    • ‘For its September concert this year the group has looked to a newer generation of musicals.’
    • ‘From September the plants start to enter dormancy so that by late October it is at a maximum.’
    • ‘Some of my most prized memories are of Septembers during my grade school and high school years, when the water was empty and warm, and the surf was firing because of the impending hurricane season.’
    • ‘Cromwell defeated them at Dunbar and finally Worcester in successive Septembers, 1650 and 1651.’
    • ‘In previous Septembers, we've described musicals that have still not materialized.’
    • ‘He has probably had more bad Septembers than any other great player in history.’
    • ‘Work on the bar starts soon and the refurbishment is due to be complete for a September opening.’
    • ‘Now parents are ready to bring in new cabins and refurbish them in time for the September term.’
    • ‘Come September, she says she will do her best to set up groups such as scouts and guides for the area.’
    • ‘No date has yet been set for the protest, but it could take place in early September.’
    • ‘The inquest was due to conclude last month but is now expected to run until at least September.’
    • ‘The closure was announced in September but we voted on strikes over two months later.’
    • ‘They had planned to get a house and start furnishing around September next year.’
    • ‘The current target for the aggressive price drop is thought to be September of this year.’
    • ‘Work is already under way at the site and is due to be completed in time for the new school year in September.’
    • ‘King hasn't set a date yet but expects it will be sometime in August or September.’
    • ‘It is based on forms sent to properties across the district last August and September.’
    • ‘I'd have stuck it in a savings account and used it to fund a college course in September.’
    • ‘Work is due to start in September and is expected to be completed by next April.’


Late Old English, from Latin, from septem ‘seven’ (being originally the seventh month of the Roman year).