Meaning of Shinkansen in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃiːnkɑːnˌsɛn/

nounplural noun Shinkansen

  • 1(in Japan) a railway system carrying high-speed passenger trains.

    ‘He said the Japanese proposed using the Nozomi-700-type vehicle used in Japan's Shinkansen bullet train system, but did not disclose any price offered by the Japanese.’
    • ‘Past profiled engineering marvels include the world's longest suspension bridge, the Akashi Strait Bridge, and the Shinkansen, Japan's famous high-speed train.’
    • ‘The high-speed train used on the Shinkansen, ‘new main line’, is leaving Japan this week for a 10,000-mile sea journey to Southampton.’
    • ‘In Japan they built their Shinkansen lines to a different gauge from the rest of the network precisely because it made it impossible for other types of trains to use it.’
    • ‘Some forty years on, Japan, largely through the success of the Shinkansen, is acknowledged as the world leader in railway technology and operation.’
    • ‘The Shinkansen was a forerunner of high-speed railways throughout the world.’
    • ‘Signing the contract with Taiwan High Speed Rail was a major breakthrough for Japan's renowned Shinkansen, which had never been exported.’
    • ‘This through running was achieved by laying a third rail extending the existing narrow-gauge track to the standard gauge of the Shinkansen.’
    • ‘Thus a truly remarkable intensity of service is now offered, and this growth has been mirrored to a lesser extent on the other Shinkansen lines.’
    • ‘They are only on sale overseas, but can be used on all JR and Shinkansen rail services.’
    1. 1.1A train operating on the Shinkansen railway system.
      ‘Shinkansen are fast, regular, and reliable’
      • ‘the campus is located northwest of Tokyo, 1 hour and 40 minutes by Shinkansen’
      • ‘On June 1, the group will travel on the famous Japanese bullet train - the Shinkansen - to Niigata for Ireland's game against Cameroon.’
      • ‘If going by train, first go to the JR Himeji station, which is serviced by the Shinkansen (bullet train) from most major cities on Honsha.’
      • ‘I hopped on the Shinkansen or bullet train, bound for Nagoya.’
      • ‘The Shinkansen or Japanese Bullet train, which was capable of 130 mph on the rails, came into the city at a more modest speed by road.’
      • ‘To my mind a classic example of this is the Japanese Shinkansen.’
      • ‘While they are super-fast, comfortable, punctual and convenient, the Shinkansen trains are not cheap.’


Japanese, from shin ‘new’ + kansen ‘main line’.