Meaning of Sikh in English:


Pronunciation /siːk/

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  • An adherent of Sikhism.

    ‘The Sikh Coalition would also like to encourage all Sikhs to wear the kirpan freely.’
    • ‘Although idol worship is not indicated in Sikhism, many Sikhs attend Hindu temples.’
    • ‘Although the Sikh God is beyond description Sikhs feel able to pray to God as a person and a friend who cares for them.’
    • ‘Guru Nanak Dev, founder of the Sikhs, is said to have been influenced by both Hindu and Sufi saints.’
    • ‘An important ceremony for the Sikhs is the baptism, or initiation into the Sikh religion.’
    • ‘At night Sikhs illuminated and decorated their houses and Gurdwaras with candles and electric lights.’
    • ‘About 60 per cent of the voters are Jat Sikhs who normally vote for the Akali Dal.’
    • ‘The secretary said that in the case of Sikhs, turban is unique compared to other religions.’
    • ‘We later learned that they were properly called Sikhs and all had the same last name, Singh.’
    • ‘I was told he was from the anjuman of Sikhs who travel around reciting marsia and salam in the traditions of Muharram.’


  • Relating to Sikhs or Sikhism.

    ‘The presentations focused on general principles and beliefs of Sikhism and the Sikh identity.’
    • ‘This hymn-singing is called Kirtan, and is an essential part of Sikh worship.’
    • ‘Maestro of Sikh music, Dya Singh performs a special concert in Byron.’
    • ‘As recently as the nineteenth century, much of the area was united under the Sikh nation of Ranjit Singh.’
    • ‘In addition, the Sikh Sabha movement produced a revival in Sikh culture, language, and literature.’
    • ‘The turbans of the doormen are the indigo of Sikh warriors, their tunics have sashes in lipstick vermilion.’
    • ‘He is an Indian national of Sikh origin from Punjab.’
    • ‘And here, too, places of worship sprout, Hindu and Buddhist temples, mosques and Sikh gurudwaras.’
    • ‘The highest proportion of Sikh people was in Bradford North, while Shipley has the highest number of people who said they did not follow a religion.’
    • ‘This is the communal food hall found in any Sikh temple.’
    • ‘This month Gravesend's Sikh community is celebrating its most important festival Vaisahki, the birth of its religion.’
    • ‘At the temples, Hindu and Sikh pilgrims wrap rice in a thin pink scarf and place it in the water to be cooked, blessed and then eaten.’
    • ‘The gurudwaras, or Sikh temples, have always been decorated with pictures of Hindu devas and devis.’
    • ‘Harbans recently met his brothers by chance at Lahore during a pilgrimage tour to Sikh shrines in Pakistan.’
    • ‘Silinder Pardesi started his singing career at a very young age, singing in Sikh temples and being influenced by his idol Mohd.’
    • ‘Tucked between the Kodandarama temple and Manchala Street, it is home to a handful of Sikh families.’
    • ‘Born in Malaysia to a family of Sikh performers, he now lives in Adelaide.’
    • ‘London is the hub of the Indian community and culture in Europe, and home to the largest Hindu and Sikh temples outside India.’
    • ‘Phulkaris and baghs are commonly worn by Hindu and Sikh women all over Punjab mainly during festivals.’
    • ‘I noticed a number of Sikh families among the pilgrims and decided to approach them.’


From Punjabi ‘disciple’, from Sanskrit śiṣya.