Meaning of strangury in English:


Pronunciation /ˈstraŋɡjʊri/


mass nounMedicine
  • A condition caused by blockage or irritation at the base of the bladder, resulting in severe pain and a strong desire to urinate.

    ‘This product is used to treat heat strangury due to down rushing of damp heat, heat combining in bladder.’
    • ‘It mainly treats syphilitic strangury and turbidity, diarrhea, foot qi, welling abscesses, and swollen sores.’
    • ‘When non-toxic doses have produced strangury it may be relieved by opium and camphor, and large draughts of water.’
    • ‘They are useful in strangury fever arthritis, amenorrhoea, lumbago and neuropathy.’
    • ‘It is indicated for sore throat, diphtheria, aphthae, carbuncles and swelling and erysipelas and strangury.’


Late Middle English via Latin from Greek strangouria, from stranx, strang- ‘drop squeezed out’ + ouron ‘urine’.