Meaning of Terylene in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtɛrɪliːn/

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mass noun trademark in UK
  • An artificial textile fibre made from a polyester, used to make light, crease-resistant clothing, bed linen, and sails.

    ‘This is the type of reaction used to form polyesters such as terylene and nylon.’
    • ‘It's also known as polyester, Dacron and terylene.’
    • ‘Developments in long-chain polymer chemistry during the middle decades of the 20th cent. gave rise to many products: polythene, nylon, and terylene.’
    • ‘Splash out for terylene and enjoy the difference between that and rough polypropylene.’
    • ‘Plaited terylene line is nice to hold on to, especially when you need to drag yourself back down to the hook to disengage it, or use it for a bit of underwater rock-climbing.’
    • ‘He wore a navy blazer with gilt buttons, smooth tubes of grey terylene trousers, a red and blue striped tie.’


1940s formed by inversion of (polyeth)ylene ter(ephthalate).