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Third World


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usually the Third World
  • Old-fashioned term for the developing countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

    ‘levels of literacy have risen in the Third World’
    • ‘measures to reduce Third World debt’
    • ‘That is the case with regard to many states in the Third World, especially sub-Saharan Africa.’
    • ‘Few people knew more about Africa or the Third World in general than he did.’
    • ‘It is really important to take every opportunity to develop links with activists in the Third World.’
    • ‘Many people in the Third World think in the developed world there are no problems.’
    • ‘Of more interest to socialists are the agency's activities in the Third World.’
    • ‘The result of free trade policies is the rise of food prices in the Third World.’
    • ‘This has since burgeoned so that the Union provides aid for countries throughout the Third World.’
    • ‘Instead of focusing on the needs of the poor in the Third World they enforce the writ of western corporations.’
    • ‘Mike's account of Western capitalism had its corollary in his view of what was happening in the Third World.’
    • ‘The global market took the feeding tube out of the Third World a long time ago.’
    • ‘The Green Party would be open to trade rules that actually do help people in the Third World.’
    • ‘It is always good to hear from people who are outraged by the suffering of the Third World.’
    • ‘Poverty has widely been regarded as characterizing the Third World, and it has a gendered face.’
    • ‘Let that money be used to save the lives of people across the Third World.’
    • ‘When the leaders of the most powerful countries meet, they often talk of the poverty of the Third World.’
    • ‘This is most obvious in Africa, the only Third World continent to have actually declined.’
    • ‘They are presently in a very weak position, morally and politically, on the issue of Third World debt.’
    • ‘The band support campaigns against Third World debt and in defence of asylum seekers.’
    • ‘This was not some outback post in the Third World, this was inner city London.’
    • ‘He called on Winchester to cut its ties and develop twinning arrangements with towns in the Third World.’


1960s used in French during the 1950s by commentators who coined tiers monde to distinguish the developing countries from the capitalist and Communist blocs.