Meaning of toothache in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtuːθeɪk/

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mass noun
  • Pain in a tooth or teeth.

    ‘I've got toothache’
    • ‘he has a toothache’
    • ‘On the evening of December 21, I was in great pain from toothache.’
    • ‘A heavy drinker, he had been having a great deal of pain from toothache, she said.’
    • ‘Joint pain and toothache may both be due to increased pressure within a bony canal.’
    • ‘It can be used for headaches, muscle aches, backaches, toothaches, minor arthritis pain, to relieve cold symptoms, menstrual cramps, and to reduce fever.’
    • ‘I've got toothache, or gum ache to be more specific.’
    • ‘Good dental health is vital for a general sense of well being and the arrival of toothache often heralds two kinds of pain - physical and financial.’
    • ‘Prostaglandins are associated with symptoms of fever, pain and inflammation such as experienced with toothache.’
    • ‘He still suffered shooting pain in his face, as well as toothache and had been left with money problems after the attack in February.’
    • ‘Using drugs for everyday purposes, to cure headaches backache toothache and so on.’
    • ‘I have a small pulsing toothache on the left-hand side, and what looks suspiciously like a little hole in one of the less accessible recesses, which will not be fun to fill.’
    • ‘But North Yorkshire coroner Geoff Fell recorded an open verdict, saying he was not convinced the overdose had anything to do with toothache.’
    • ‘But in addition to my little toothache, which I had to get taken care of.’
    • ‘But Manhattan is not a friendly place and she soon discovers that her cloying, saccharine compositions are about as welcome as toothache.’
    • ‘For the temporary relief of toothache, apply a crushed clove or oil of cloves to the painful tooth, or plug the cavity with cotton wool soaked in the oil.’
    • ‘Ginger is also used to treat cold, cough and respiratory problems; to relieve toothache and it is an anti-oxidant as well.’
    • ‘People die of oral cancer and other serious oral diseases, people suffer from toothache, and people need advice and care to maintain healthy teeth and guns.’
    • ‘The message I am trying to get through is that the majority of people keep aspirin at home in case they get toothache, so why not do the same with emergency contraception?’
    • ‘In very small doses it could have been used to relieve toothache, but the seeds would also have been used to render unconscious patients awaiting amputations.’
    • ‘‘I got toothache,’ I said, as clearly as I could with my hand clasped firmly to the left side of my jaw.’
    • ‘The only toothache I've ever had since then was 10 years later, which was about 11 years ago.’