Meaning of Trustafarian in English:


Pronunciation /trʌstəˈfɛːrɪən/


  • A wealthy young person who adopts an alternative lifestyle incorporating elements from non-Western cultures.

    • ‘Apart from a few spoiled Trustafarians, young people with large debts do not have any capital to fall back on.’
    • ‘If he's accompanied by the security services, I must say they disguise themselves as Trustafarians and Chianti-drinkers very well.’
    • ‘At the same time I'd observe that Trustafarians are victims too.’
    • ‘Doesn't this manor belong to Rastafarians, not Trustafarians?’
    • ‘Flipping through chests of used UB40 and Steel Pulse records, I never found any treasure, and the Trustafarians at school had all but ruined Bob for me.’


1990s blend of trust fund and Rastafarian.