Meaning of vulnerary in English:


Pronunciation /ˈvʌln(ə)rəri/


  • (of a drug, plant, etc.) of use in the healing of wounds.

    ‘The main use of comfrey through the centuries has been as a vulnerary remedy.’
    • ‘Obviously from the above, scabious is expectorant, alterative, vulnerary and astringent.’
    healing, therapeutic, medicinal, remedial, curing, corrective

nounplural noun vulneraries

  • A medicine used in the healing of wounds.

    ‘Topically it is applied as an oil or salve as a vulnerary for the treatment of wounds and injuries.’
    • ‘These homeopathic agents, known as vulneraries, can promote the healing of wounds, injuries, bites, traumas, and related conditions.’


Late 16th century from Latin vulnerarius, from vulnus ‘wound’.