Meaning of WDYT in English:



  • What do you think?

    • ‘WDYT, guys?’
    • ‘WDYT of the names Ava and Ezra for a twin boy and girl?’
    • ‘Leaning toward Reynolds as odd man out - WDYT?’
    • ‘New avatar, wdyt?’
    • ‘Question - thinking of breaking weekly show up into daily (weekday?) segments, anyone try this? WDYT?’
    • ‘Wdyt? About charging a small fee for plastic bags?’
    • ‘Had a long conversation with psychology student who claims Twitter is anti-social: "some spend nights tweeting at home". WDYT?’
    • ‘I was cheering for the bad guy the whole way through, can't wait 4 the DVD! WDYT?’