Meaning of WRT in English:



(also w.r.t.)
  • With reference to.

    ‘we have to look ahead, especially WRT energy, transport, and housing’
    • ‘I am very tempted to be snarky here, wrt the last phrase in particular.’
    • ‘I've read claims and counter claims on the net WRT your challenge.’
    • ‘There is also a special relativity effect whereby if two observers are moving with constant velocity wrt each other each sees the other's clock as slow.’
    • ‘She may find a lot of comfort in knowing that life continues to go on - especially wrt you and the great-grandchildren.’
    • ‘I think the passages you quote from Beyond Good & Evil are at best ambiguous wrt your position.’
    • ‘The difficulty right now is that we are in a winner take all system wrt the Presidency.’
    • ‘He has a good track record, especially WRT politics.’
    • ‘He makes some excellent points about contract design, particularly WRT to contracts having excessively long duration.’
    • ‘WRT real estate: when I moved to Denmark in late 2000, it was impossible to find a place for rent without connections, especially for somebody who does not speak Danish.’
    • ‘As for the broader question w.r.t. the actual percentage of passport ownership, I think it should be pointed out that most Americans can't afford international travel (excluding Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean).’