Meaning of Zimmer in English:


Pronunciation /ˈzɪmə/


(also Zimmer frame)
  • A kind of walking frame.

    ‘So he saws the end off his one-barrelled shotgun, saddles up his Zimmer frame, and he and his trusty wife Laura mosey along very slowly to the bank.’
    • ‘You don't get rock there, but there's plenty of Zimmer frames.’
    • ‘Aged only 46, when he does walk, he is supported by at best, a walking stick, and at worst, a ‘rollator’ - a three-wheeled Zimmer frame.’
    • ‘She needed a Zimmer frame, but he disliked her using it.’
    • ‘After a second fall, she relied on a Zimmer frame to stay mobile.’
    • ‘Have you ever tried skiing on a Zimmer frame or sky diving with a pacemaker?’
    • ‘No one wants to see a DJ at the decks with a Zimmer frame, it would ruin the vibe.’
    • ‘In her latter years, she could not breathe without oxygen or even totter round her beloved garden on her Zimmer frame.’
    • ‘The bride wore an ivory satin dress - and walked with Zimmer frame and matching bouquet.’
    • ‘She had three bouts of aggressive radiation in nine months and had to walk with the aid of a stick or Zimmer frame.’


1950s from Zimmer Orthopaedic Limited, the name of the manufacturer.