Main meanings of zippo in English

: zippo1Zippo2


Pronunciation /ˈzɪpəʊ/

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another term for zip

Main meanings of Zippo in English

: zippo1Zippo2


Pronunciation /ˈzɪpəʊ/

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nounplural noun Zippos

  • A type of cigarette lighter with a hinged lid, using petrol as fuel.

    ‘The only lighter products available are components for re-usable lighters, like a Zippo.’
    • ‘On top of the pile was a Zippo and a bottle of lighter fluid.’
    • ‘He produced a Zippo and flicked it open, lighting Williams' cigarette.’
    • ‘He took out a cigarette and lit it with a silver Zippo with what I guessed were his initials, J.M. engraved onto one side.’
    • ‘I reached into my pocket and fished out my Zippo, quickly flipping the top back and lighting it.’


1930s of unknown origin.