Meaning of a — or two in English:

a — or two


(also two or three —)
  • A small but unspecified number.

    ‘a minute or two had passed’
    • ‘Rewrap, leave for a minutes or two, then devour.’
    • ‘Anna was probably giving him the fluttering eyelashes right now… and in a few minutes or two… the both of them would probably be out the door hand in hand, named the next cutest couple.’
    • ‘And I think we are - though I still expect we'll take a step or two backwards for each few steps we take forwards.’
    • ‘It may be a year or two down the road.’
    • ‘But that may be a day or two down the road.’
    • ‘Yet in two to three years we will have a battle on our hands to save our existing railways.’