Meaning of a bit in English:

a bit

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  • Somewhat; to some extent.

    ‘he came back looking a bit annoyed’
    • ‘I must admit to finding it a bit slow to begin with and rather drawn out in some places.’
    • ‘This goes some way to explaining why my cupboard is a bit bare when it comes to clothes.’
    • ‘They are a good side but we were a bit better and hopefully this result shows we are now on our way.’
    • ‘My little boy is not speaking to me on the phone at the moment, which is a bit upsetting.’
    • ‘If you take a leg off of the spider, put it back on the table and tell it to walk, it walks a bit wobbly.’
    • ‘Then he said he had a proposal for me, which made me a bit worried about what was coming up.’
    • ‘The weather at the Oval is looking a bit overcast but may hold long enough for us to do the biz.’
    • ‘I'm now a bit stiff and have a big lump on my right foot where I caught a guy on the elbow.’
    • ‘Using it as a saw works a bit better, but it appears the faults in the blade help here.’
    • ‘Petrol usage would be a bit higher but not by so much that it equals the rent we would have paid.’
    rather, a little, fairly, slightly, somewhat, relatively, quite, to some degree, to some extent, comparatively, moderately
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