Meaning of a bowl of cherries in English:

a bowl of cherries


  • usually with negative A very pleasant or enjoyable situation or experience.

    ‘life isn't exactly a bowl of cherries’
    • ‘My life hasn't been, as Mary Jane would put it, a bowl of cherries.’
    • ‘Until that day, life had been a bowl of cherries with few pits.’
    • ‘History tells us that life as a rock star is far from a bowl of cherries.’
    • ‘Life may be just a bowl of cherries, with lots of cherry pits for us to chip our teeth on under the soft, sweet fruit.’
    • ‘It is said that ‘life is just a bowl of cherries.’’
    • ‘Step inside my family life a little, maybe then you won't think everything's such a bowl of cherries.’
    • ‘Let's first acknowledge the fact that life has never been a bowl of cherries - for either women or men.’
    • ‘It's not a big bunch of roses or a bowl of cherries out here right now.’
    • ‘It just goes to show that even when life is a bowl of cherries, the pits may not be far away.’
    • ‘It isn't a bowl of cherries being outdoors - though turkeys are fairly hardy.’