Meaning of a brass farthing in English:

a brass farthing


  • with negative Any money or assets at all.

    • ‘she hasn't got two brass farthings to rub together’
    • ‘One advantage of the private sector is that I've been schooled not to spend a brass farthing until we know we can get a return.’
    • ‘Not a bean, not a brass farthing, have I added to my original donation.’
    • ‘The inheritance is almost gone now, since she never invested a brass farthing.’
    • ‘But the reality is that most of the time music composers and lyricists are not paid a brass farthing by those who make use of their creations.’
    • ‘One bunch of crooks are suing the other bunch of crooks or something like that - I wouldn't trust any of them with a brass farthing, let alone our currency.’
    • ‘The chances are that quite a bit of the same fish was taken from within the Irish fishing boundary and without a brass farthing to Ireland.’