Meaning of a bundle of fun in English:

a bundle of fun


(also a bundle of laughs)
informal, often ironic
  • An extremely amusing or entertaining person or thing.

    • ‘you're a bundle of laughs this evening’
    • ‘Manic depression might not be a bundle of laughs, but an hour in the company of a Coked-up Carrie Fisher certainly is.’
    • ‘I mean, it's obviously not a bundle of laughs and you don't go round kicking up your heels and thinking, tra la-la, how lovely.’
    • ‘Bremner apart, it wasn't exactly a bundle of laughs for the delegates.’
    • ‘But life has not always been a bundle of laughs and he has struggled to overcome some bad times.’
    • ‘He was a big bundle of fun, who always saw the funny side of things.’
    • ‘Because of that I got used to the pressure, used to knowing that if we lost then walking down the street past supporters would not be a whole bundle of fun.’
    • ‘The future may look bleak, but sitting in slow-moving queues of traffic day after day, travelling to destinations that we should have lived much closer to, is not exactly a bundle of laughs, either.’
    • ‘It's not a very interesting site but the topic of software is rarely a bundle of laughs and it does the job it sets out to do.’
    • ‘On the surface the play may not sound a bundle of fun.’
    • ‘There is still time to see Liverpool's second Biennial which sounds like a bundle of fun.’