Meaning of a bundle of joy in English:

a bundle of joy


  • A baby.

    • ‘enjoy your little bundle of joy now because he is going to grow up fast’
    • ‘Feeling her skin radiating heat at the nearness of him, she was a bundle of nerves.’
    • ‘By the time she returned home she would be a bundle of nerves.’
    • ‘Assistant manager Andy Watson is a bundle of nerves.’
    • ‘On Wednesday night, Lily was a bundle of nerves.’
    • ‘Her mouse is a bundle of nerves jangling at high speed.’
    • ‘In fact, Hill drove with intense commitment and energy, but was always a bundle of nerves and self-doubt.’
    • ‘They called the race and the entire family was a bundle of nerves.’
    • ‘When I'm a bundle of nerves you can usually find me in the kitchen spot cleaning the wood floors.’
    • ‘This is her third time at the Nationals, and she is a bundle of nerves.’
    • ‘You know what a bundle of nerves I am since the robbery.’
    infant, newborn, child, tot, little one