Meaning of a change of air in English:

a change of air

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  • A different climate, typically as a means of improving one's health.

    ‘It is a new experience for me and I needed a change of air because in Spain the situation was not any good for me.’
    • ‘The firm maintained a 5-bed convalescent home at Scarborough, to which employees in need of a change of air after sickness might be sent.’
    • ‘He could recommend a change of air or of diet, administer a concoction of herbs (perhaps made to his own special recipe and charged at a high price), purge the patient, or, in the case of fever or threatened fever, bleed him.’
    • ‘My only idea, at present, is to try a change of air and scene.’
    • ‘If your child has behavioural problems at school, like my son had in Canada, it can maybe be a good thing to get a change of air.’
    • ‘I think a change is in the cards for me; a change of air in a haven away from this decadent City of Dreams, with its deep-rooted cynicism, collective hypocrisy, torrid lies and false hopes.’
    • ‘An obituary in the Liverpool Courier, for July 23, 1834, says that Austin had gone to Wales for a change of air and died there.’
    • ‘To the sick, the doctors wisely recommend a change of air and scenery.’