Meaning of a cricket score in English:

a cricket score


informal British
  • (in sports other than cricket) an unusually high score.

    • ‘England looked set to run up a cricket score when they went four tries ahead’
    • ‘With Kyogle in last place Ballina should also win by a cricket score.’
    • ‘Paul Thorman converted both and, rather than rattling up a cricket score, York were only 24-12 ahead at the break.’
    • ‘Two minutes later, the home side were in again and a cricket score looked on the cards.’
    • ‘Forest enjoyed lengthy ball possession and could have come out with a cricket score if time permitted.’
    • ‘This is not a cricket score, nor is it a record Fahrenheit temperature; it is a record of a different type.’
    • ‘It looked an innocuous enough challenge and if the ref gives a penalty for all such tugs, we'll have a cricket score by the end of the night.’
    • ‘If we had achieved that we would have run up a cricket score.’
    • ‘With a 14-scoreline in almost as many minutes it looked like the Cougars were going to run up a cricket score but the game disintegrated into a scrappy affair.’
    • ‘Italy look to avoid an Aussie backlash in Rome, while Frnace must be Fancied to knock up a cricket score against Canada.’
    • ‘When the two highest scoring teams in the league hammer in one goal each within the first three minutes, spectators might have expected a cricket score by the final whistle.’