Meaning of a deuce of a — in English:

a deuce of a —


(also the deuce of a —)
  • Used to emphasize how bad, difficult, or serious something is.

    • ‘Ken Allen & Les Hair are in the artillery & they have a pretty rough spin occasionally & get in a deuce of a state especially when they are up with the guns.’
    • ‘I forgot to tell you I think that for about 4 days from the 19th onward we had a deuce of a heat wave.’
    • ‘It makes a deuce of a day of it but it is a great spell between the drills.’
    • ‘Then we had to wait a deuce of a time for our bath where we got rid of the Somme mud.’
    • ‘Tweedy commiserated with Brooks about the task: ‘It is going to be a deuce of a job to replace the Editor; but with the present Journal taken care of, it will give time to think future plans over.’’