Meaning of a dog's breakfast in English:

a dog's breakfast

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(also a dog's dinner)
informal British
  • A poor piece of work; a mess.

    • ‘we made a real dog's breakfast of it’
    • ‘All in all it is a dog's dinner, literally, with local residents living with the mess and hazard.’
    • ‘In design terms it's a dog's breakfast, a grey, smudgy mess that seems to stagger off ancient presses each week.’
    • ‘It all adds up to a dog's breakfast of departmental rivalry, layer upon layer of confused delivery and strategic confusion.’
    • ‘Speaking after the council agreed to hold the ballot, he said: ‘The wording on the ballot papers is a dog's dinner.’’
    • ‘‘The proposals are a half-baked dog's dinner,’ he said.’
    • ‘Mostly though you end up with a dumbed down dog's dinner - serious subject matter made ridiculous and facile.’
    • ‘‘The presentation of the policy has been a dog's dinner,’ agreed the Sun.’
    • ‘Just look at the roll call of off-the-wall ‘humour’ imposed on us the last time this dog's dinner of a day came round in 2001.’
    • ‘The edit interface itself is a bit of a dog's dinner.’
    • ‘It's an eyesore and looks like a dog's dinner of cheapo construction.’