Meaning of a dog's life in English:

a dog's life

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  • An unhappy existence, full of problems or unfair treatment.

    ‘he led poor Amy a dog's life’
    • ‘And the man on street (literally and figuratively) has a dog's life.’
    • ‘He is leading a dog's life at the moment.’
    • ‘The self-evident fact that the numbers applying for asylum correlate precisely with countries where a dog's life would be a step up is of no account.’
    • ‘The payment of salaries is quite often irregular and it is a dog's life for the majority of labourers who go in search of a fortune across the seas.’
    • ‘Next time you are fed up with the world and say in disgust that it's a dog's life, think twice.’
    • ‘Selling wine is a dog's life, but some manage it with integrity’
    • ‘Ah me, thought Clarence it's a dog's life and decided that on balance the thing to do was sleep.’
    • ‘Face it, it's a dog's life having to raid the dressing-up box for a living.’