Meaning of a done deal in English:

a done deal


  • An agreement that has been finalized.

    ‘although a few details still had to be worked out, the settlement was a done deal’
    • ‘We are assuming it's a done deal, in the way they're talking and presenting their plans.’
    • ‘Even now, when the cat is out of the bag, they still want to brush aside reasoned argument and hide the project from public scrutiny until it's a done deal.’
    • ‘Also we were told that it was a done deal, although it was only a plan at that stage and consultation was to take place.’
    • ‘I am feeling optimistic about this election, but I don't see where everyone is getting the idea that it's a done deal.’
    • ‘This is a done deal, and I'd really appreciate it if you would have the president, you know, announce that.’
    • ‘This became a done deal after Russia agreed to ratify the agreement.’
    • ‘I want to make sure that you understand this bill is not a done deal.’
    • ‘But what the Pentagon is shying away from is saying that this is a done deal.’
    • ‘I was inclined to treat this as a joke at first, but the comments made it plain that this was considered a done deal.’
    • ‘It's far from a done deal, but he's made surprising inroads, and he's not letting up.’