Meaning of a dying breed in English:

a dying breed

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  • A kind of person that is slowly disappearing.

    ‘the country's dying breed of elder statesmen’
    • ‘But I wonder if that huggable American tourist is a dying breed.’
    • ‘Restaurants like the Shamrock are a dying breed in Vancouver.’
    • ‘Windsurfers may be a dying breed in the United States, but the sport is alive and kicking on the Italian Riviera.’
    • ‘The pair is part of a dying breed of music partnerships.’
    • ‘I know I'm almost the last of a dying breed: one of the few career stage actors left in the world.’
    • ‘And you ask why chivalrous men are a dying breed?’
    • ‘But I hope they are a dying breed, when it comes to layout anyway.’
    • ‘Screen Art is one of the last of a dying breed in that area.’
    • ‘The men and women who practice this art and create durable, functional, and practical furniture are among a dying breed.’
    • ‘Environmentalists, in the traditional single-issue sense, are a dying breed.’