Meaning of a fair shake in English:

a fair shake


informal North American
  • Just treatment or a fair chance.

    • ‘I do not believe he gave the industry a fair shake’
    • ‘she was determined to see women get a fair shake, especially in business’
    • ‘People who think it's all twee warbling over burbly synths just aren't giving them a fair shake.’
    • ‘Do you feel like there are journalists who are biased against you and don't necessarily give you a fair shake?’
    • ‘And given the opportunity to see the evidence, they're going to come to their own conclusion and, I hope, give him a fair shake.’
    • ‘I just wanted you to know that some of us would rather give you a fair shake than rush to be the first to jump off the ship in the face of a rocky wave.’
    • ‘I mean, a lot of money, time and effort go into these new shows, so I want to give them a fair shake before I start putting my journalistic weight behind them or pushing them off the air with a sharp barb.’
    • ‘I only bring this up to make the point that I really did give them a fair shake - hell, I own four of their albums.’
    • ‘So, if we want the Yanks to keep coming over here, we should give them a fair shake - not a shakedown.’
    • ‘It might prevent some paper from getting a fair shake, but it is fair (or at least equally unfair).’
    • ‘They are not getting a fair shake, are they?’
    • ‘So, is the president getting a fair shake from the American media?’