Meaning of a fine line in English:

a fine line

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  • A subtle distinction between two concepts or situations.

    ‘ there's a fine line between humour and inappropriateness’
    • ‘he was treading a fine line and it wouldn't be too long before he finally overstepped the mark’
    • ‘In Riyadh, the absolute monarchy of Saudi Arabia walks a fine line to maintain power.’
    • ‘Each of them knows he walks a fine line.’
    • ‘In the Social Security debate, Democrats are walking a fine line.’
    • ‘In promoting free trade, Mr Bush walks a fine line.’
    • ‘He told Olson he had to tread a fine line of neutrality.’
    • ‘Critics say the airport must walk a fine line in its quest for revenue.’
    • ‘Educators at public schools near polygamous communities walk a fine line to encourage children from plural marriages to attend school.’
    • ‘Ward is careful to walk a fine line in describing the weekend.’
    • ‘They are treading a fine line, risking bookings over mundane issues like throw-ins.’
    • ‘The police walk a fine line on the gang issue.’