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a free hand

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  • Freedom to act completely at one's own discretion.

    ‘Congress had given him a free hand to take care of the situation’
    • ‘And while lorry drivers have to adhere to strict conditions on their driving times, taxi drivers effectively have a free hand.’
    • ‘The private company will be given a free hand to raise the cost in line with inflation.’
    • ‘The head is responsible to the governors but is usually given a free hand to appoint staff, admit pupils and take day-to-day decisions.’
    • ‘In a brave move by station bosses, the candidates are also given a free hand when it comes to choosing their own selection of music.’
    • ‘The council is correct to ask the people to decide where cuts should be made, but it should give them a free hand in doing so without any guidance from above.’
    • ‘If the police are given a free hand to solve the law and order problem in the State, they will act accordingly.’
    • ‘The mayor has a free hand to implement an interesting agenda if he wants to.’
    • ‘He took up the offer, asking only that he be given a free hand to work without interruption.’
    • ‘The agreement gave management greater ability to transfer workers to new work locations and gave it a free hand to cut thousands of jobs.’
    • ‘The Army had a free hand to do whatever was necessary to restore order.’
    • ‘The Airports Authority of India, if given a free hand and permitted to take up modernisation projects on a fast track, can carry out the task as effectively as any private player.’
    free rein, freedom, licence, latitude, leeway, scope, flexibility
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