Meaning of A game in English:

A game


informal mainly US
  • Used in reference to performing to the very best of one's ability.

    • ‘she'll bring her A game tonight—she understands how important it is’
    • ‘The folks here say they have their A-game on.’
    • ‘I told him "You'd better bring your A game."’
    • ‘With Nicholson, he says, he made an effort to listen, to come with his "A-game."’
    • ‘We are going to have to bring our A-game, no question.’
    • ‘Not for the faint of heart, you must bring your A game to Whiskey Blue.’
    • ‘I don't have an A game to speak of.’
    • ‘The Rocket did not always produce his A-game during a 9-5 victory over Ian McCulloch in the Totesport Grand Prix.’
    • ‘Of course, we know the car count will be larger than it has been all year, with everyone bringing their A game to Indy.’
    • ‘In one of our conversations, he told me, "I very seldom won with my A game."’
    • ‘Forty percent of attendees are return clients, including high-profile guests like Damon Wayans, who's brought his A-game three years in a row.’
    • ‘Tiger brings his A game to the major.’
    • ‘Here's a sample of our A-game.’
    • ‘But I think she'll bring her A game tonight.’
    • ‘He never left his competitors in the dust and then said, "I didn't have my A game."’
    • ‘The event was a doubleheader for most classes, and most were on their A game.’
    • ‘Not any more, though, and his challenge now is to win without his A game.’
    • ‘During the second quarter Grand Riviere kept their promise and brought their A-game.’
    • ‘You have the new guard of Pegg and Frost fencing with the grand masters, all of whom bring their A-game.’
    • ‘It all ends rather abruptly, but bravo to everyone involved for returning to their A-game for the final stretch.’
    • ‘But if you're bringing it to a hostile audience, you have to be sure you're bringing your A game.’