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a king's ransom

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  • A huge amount of money; a fortune.

    ‘perfume which cost a king's ransom per ounce’
    • ‘A friend lost a king's ransom and asked me to look into the circumstances, and what I found was disturbing.’
    • ‘While showering Taylor with jewels worth a king's ransom, he also gave generously to friends such as Smith.’
    • ‘It is hardly a king's ransom, but it could make all the difference.’
    • ‘The President had no option but to dissolve the House and order a mid-term poll which cost the exchequer a king's ransom.’
    • ‘At the time, I thought we had paid a king's ransom for the place.’
    • ‘Not a single person in our hospital makes a king's ransom.’
    • ‘How did I acquire a king's ransom in paper currency?’
    • ‘All of a sudden Muriel got her handbag and went up to him and gave him a king's ransom.’
    • ‘While these industry titans get paid a king's ransom whether they succeed or fail, job security is a thing of the past.’
    • ‘There have been reports both in this country and Australia suggesting that we were about to pay a king's ransom.’