Meaning of à la fourchette in English:

à la fourchette


(also a la fourchette)
  • Chiefly as postpositive. Eaten with a fork, indicating a meal of such substance and content as to require simple cutlery. Frequently in "breakfast à la fourchette": a hearty breakfast typically eaten late morning or at lunchtime. Compare "déjeuner à la fourchette", "fork-breakfast".

    Usually in European contexts.


à la fourchette

/ˌa la ˌfʊəˈʃɛt/ /ˌa lə ˌfʊəˈʃɛt/ /ˌɑː lɑː ˌfʊəˈʃɛt/


Early 19th century. From French à la fourchette from à la + fourchette.