Meaning of a light touch in English:

a light touch


  • The ability to deal with something tactfully or in an understated way.

    ‘a novel which handles its tricky subject with a light touch’
    • ‘Directed with wit and a light touch, the production flew like the wind, but never so quickly that the zany personalities got lost in the rush.’
    • ‘My clients appreciate my light touch and a cool head when it comes to dividing marital assets, custody agreements and determining child support or spousal support.’
    • ‘Her directing is right on, and her light touch steers Galloway deftly through some black humor.’
    • ‘Carver had a light touch as a teacher of creative writing and he did not consider it was his job to discourage anyone.’
    • ‘He says that the City of London must retain its light touch and risk-based regulatory regime.’
    • ‘There is a light touch to the way the story is told which never detracts from the central mystery of that evil.’
    • ‘It is his light touch that allows Weschler to get away with such parallels; he never pushes a point too far.’
    • ‘This is romantic comedy skillfully rendered with a light touch and complete with a colorful cast of characters.’
    • ‘No doubt you missed our light touch with that heavyweight issue on torture last week.’
    • ‘The character commentaries are handled with a light touch, thus avoiding the deadly sin of belaboring a joke past the point of humor.’