Meaning of a matter of record in English:

a matter of record

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  • A thing that is established as a fact through being officially recorded.

    ‘it is a matter of record that the bank deposited £50 million’
    • ‘The facts are a matter of record and any interested party can go to the library and pull out the newspapers of the day and they can acquaint themselves with those facts.’
    • ‘It's now a matter of record that the foundation had in fact been massively under-funded.’
    • ‘As a matter of record, New York City spends a higher portion of its budget on instruction and associated costs within the schools themselves than any of the other 100 largest districts in the nation.’
    • ‘But everything up to the last assertion is a matter of record.’
    • ‘It is a matter of record that the Government has devised a long-term anti-corruption strategy and has committed itself to implementing it.’
    • ‘All of those statements are a matter of record which can be shown to the jury.’
    • ‘It is a matter of record that I had to send lawyer's letters before I could get access to some of the financial information.’
    • ‘All I know is that his vote is a matter of record and something for him to explain.’
    • ‘His significance has become a matter of record; his reputation is now beyond reproach.’
    • ‘As a matter of record, he died in 1997.’