Meaning of a month of Sundays in English:

a month of Sundays

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  • A very long period of time.

    • ‘no one will find them in a month of Sundays’
    • ‘A council spokesman said: ‘You would never find this piece of land in a month of Sundays, so the parking must be being advertised somewhere, otherwise drivers would not know about it.’’
    • ‘If you had asked me at the top of Kilimanjaro whether I would want to do something like this again I would have said not in a month of Sundays.’
    • ‘It would take you a month of Sundays if you literally poke around with your trekking pole before you put a foot down, so you just trust that it's in the right place.’
    • ‘Political figures who view recent events as providing them with the best opportunity they have had in a month of Sundays to score points over republicans have been dominating the airways over the past 48 hours.’
    • ‘I think it would be nice to see another four and a half inch gun there but never in a month of Sundays will we see it happen.’
    • ‘LET'S be clear about one thing: I wouldn't vote for Dana in a month of Sundays, even if I had the opportunity.’
    • ‘They speak about negotiations for a month of Sundays.’
    • ‘It doesn't take long for people to change their shopping habits and go elsewhere where getting to the shops doesn't take a month of Sundays.’
    • ‘It is possible to learn to skydive in Britain, but with our weather it might take a month of Sundays to do it.’
    • ‘Wandering around a dusty ancestral home looking at furniture, paintings and ornaments that you'll never be able to afford in a month of Sundays was not my idea of a fun day out.’
    a long time, an age, ages, ages and ages, a time, a lifetime