Meaning of a mug's game in English:

a mug's game

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  • An activity in which it is foolish to engage because it is likely to be unsuccessful or dangerous.

    • ‘playing with drugs is a mug's game’
    • ‘Whether times make the politician, or individuals drive events, forecasting a wannabe PM's likely legacy is a mug's game.’
    • ‘Amanda said: ‘Drugs are a mug's game and Andrew felt the only way of staying clean was to move out of Selby.’’
    • ‘I know, I know, it's a mug's game to try to ‘improve’ on any script, especially this one, but I'm curious to see what you'll think.’
    • ‘It is a mug's game, designed to lock in a permanent pattern of economic subjugation and exploitation - and faced with this, refusing to play any more is a perfectly rational solution.’
    • ‘Not because I'm any sort of market purist, but because I think corporate welfare is a mug's game, and because I hate the idea of giving money to wealthy foreigners.’
    • ‘Even when the World Trade Organisation is alleged to be in fine working order, its workings are incomprehensible - so trying to make sense of its malfunctions is probably a mug's game.’
    • ‘‘But trying to second-guess Philip Green is a mug's game,’ he said.’
    • ‘Passionate about the medium of radio, for a few years in the early '90s Ian worked in the field but soon came to the conclusion that radio is, by and large, a mug's game.’
    • ‘The construction industry slump of the early 1990s taught him that competitive tendering for construction and civil engineering projects is a mug's game.’
    • ‘I've given a lot of money to sick animals in my time, mostly those running at Newmarket, but gambling isn't always a mug's game - sometimes it can put you on the road to riches.’
    • ‘Debating the defects of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation is, in many respects, a mug's game.’
    • ‘Predictions are a mug's game, and everybody knows it.’
    • ‘Furthermore, these truths are knowable only a posteriori - armchair chemistry is a mug's game.’
    • ‘On this one, it's monumentally easy to see in advance that arguing about what happened in that contest is a mug's game.’
    • ‘The election is so near, and the polls so close, that it's now a mug's game to predict the outcome with anything approaching confidence, let alone certainty.’
    • ‘Arguing in this fashion that capitalism doesn't ‘deliver the goods’ is a mug's game.’
    • ‘Any reader of this review will agree that if writing about music is hard, writing about writing about music is really a mug's game.’
    • ‘But investing is a long-term business, and trying to second-guess short-term swings is a mug's game.’
    • ‘In truth, I declined the assignment because I knew that to write about men of power, in power, is a mug's game.’
    • ‘Gambling is a mug's game (but investing in gaming businesses can be lucrative)!’