Meaning of a quick buck in English:

a quick buck


(also a fast buck)
  • Easily and quickly earned money.

    ‘they were seen as more eager to make a quick buck’
    • ‘itinerant traders out to make a fast buck’
    • ‘Ultimately the show celebrates friendship, and the extraordinary lengths these ordinary men will go to earn a fast buck and restore pride in their lives.’
    • ‘Investors saw an opportunity in snapping up new houses and apartments, seeing the opportunity for a quick buck as rents climbed sharply.’
    • ‘I don't want to be forced into earning a quick buck.’
    • ‘Plus, by sending our troops, we get to earn a quick buck on the side.’
    • ‘Perhaps he has never visited tourist attractions in the capital and elsewhere and seen the vendors of ice cream and hot dogs making a fast buck at the expense of tourists.’
    • ‘What shocked them the second time was his avid pursuit of a quick buck through a share deal.’
    • ‘These funds are not the domain of speculative, sophisticated individuals who put their money in for a quick buck.’
    • ‘Senior executives believe investors will be carried away by exaggerated advertising and cash in on their pensions and homes in the hope of making a fast buck.’
    • ‘Sydney's harbour and many iconic sites are up for grabs because of the senseless pursuit of a fast buck, writes Paul Keating.’
    • ‘But the facts speak for themselves - people are still out there in the dark risking their lives in pursuit of a quick buck.’
    • ‘I urged everybody not to aim for the quick buck because any money you get will be slowly cancelled out by increased insurance premiums for almost everything!’
    • ‘The chance of earning a fast buck has given birth to a thriving souvenir industry on the streets around, selling stuff that ranges from the sympathetic to the sick.’
    • ‘Governments hoping to earn a fast buck by switching off analogue television transmitters and selling the frequencies to cellphone operators are in for a shock.’
    • ‘For the new government elite, it is a place to make a fast buck from reclaimed farms and misdirected aid money.’
    • ‘This is true because with poverty levels now at more than 80 per cent temptations for citizens to earn a quick buck become much harder to resist.’
    • ‘I do understand that times can be difficult for galleries and that they have to make money and the fast buck is tempting.’
    • ‘Those who became landlords fairly recently, to make a fast buck from rising house prices, are most likely to panic.’
    • ‘No one would dispute the need to stop farmers attempting to evade planning regulations and make a fast buck by building expensive homes on green field sites.’
    • ‘However, analysts say there is no such thing as a quick buck to be earned in America and investors should be taking at least a 10-year view.’
    • ‘Many people think that the book industry is just another racket out to make a quick buck by inflating prices and preying on readers' desire for good, cheap books.’