Meaning of a road to nowhere in English:

a road to nowhere


  • A situation or course of action offering no prospects of progress or advancement.

    • ‘I think Chris is on a road to nowhere with this one, partly because how you view Chomsky's assertion depends to a great extent on which evidence you accept and how much weight you attach to it, but mainly because I think he's wrong.’
    • ‘Sandy Moffat (Seven Days, November 26) posed the question: is art on a road to nowhere?’
    • ‘Having been part of a few meandering relationships in recent years, that have ultimately been a trip on a road to nowhere, I'm not counting on anything just yet.’
    • ‘Short-term advantage for factory or farmer is a road to nowhere.’
    • ‘But they have been so busy becoming politicians they know nothing about anything and are leading us on a road to nowhere.’
    • ‘Only time will judge whether the team is on a road to nowhere.’
    • ‘When it comes to the quality of our democracy we are traveling on a road to nowhere.’
    • ‘I considered traveling again but I was worried that it was literally a road to nowhere.’
    • ‘Trouble is, such arrogance can lead just as quickly to a player heading off down a road to nowhere.’
    • ‘Once headed down a road to nowhere, Eddie George has turned into one of the true titans of the league’