Meaning of a roll in the hay in English:

a roll in the hay

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(also a roll in the the sack)
  • An act or instance of having sex.

    • ‘She'd been enjoying regular rolls in the hay with the England manager.’
    • ‘She just had no sexual appetite and her husband was complaining bitterly about the infrequent rolls in the hay.’
    • ‘She didn't intend to give him the impression she was ready for a roll in the sack.’
    • ‘He wouldn't have minded a roll in the hay with her anytime she was ready and willing.’
    • ‘I doused the fire with a bucket of sand I keep nearby at all times and headed across the hall to see if she was still game for a roll in the hay.’
    • ‘He encounters the sheriff's daughter, with whom he enjoys a roll in the hay.’
    • ‘I think most people are having a lot of trouble sleeping and there is nothing like a good roll in the hay to send you off to sleep.’
    • ‘But if Kyle was just out for a roll in the hay, why hadn't he taken that blonde up on her offer?’
    • ‘Dad said he always fancied giving Carrie a roll in the hay, which kind of put me off her a bit.’
    • ‘Kip sadly realizes that a fourth roll in the hay will not be imminent.’