Meaning of a sight — in English:

a sight —


  • To a considerable extent; much.

    • ‘the old lady is a sight cleverer than Sarah’
    • ‘he's a sight too full of himself’
    • ‘Yet it uses a sight less fuel (42.8mpg against 35.3mpg) and produces significantly less carbon dioxide (156 compared with 170g/km).’
    • ‘I doubt it'll beat OJ - last he told me, he was actually in credit - but it's a sight less than I'd been anticipating.’
    • ‘Death is a sight preferable to what will happen to you.’
    • ‘It was a sight unusual for anyone to be out and about on his grounds this late at night.’
    • ‘This book is not without its flaws, but it's a damn sight better than anything else kicking around.’
    • ‘Picking five favourites out of all those comedians was not easy, but it's a damn sight easier than standing up on that stage making people laugh.’
    • ‘The day ended with a ragged second half that was still a long sight better than last year's game.’
    • ‘Using only the year to date data to estimate 2015, it is a good sight warmer than any other calendar year on record.’
    • ‘They do what they do for a damn sight less than the private sector would charge every one of us.’
    • ‘Gaining the lead in this race is hard enough but it's going to be a damn sight harder to keep it.’