Meaning of a sinking ship in English:

a sinking ship


  • Used with reference to a situation in which people are deserting an organization or enterprise that is failing.

    ‘they have fled like rats from a sinking ship’
    • ‘I, on the other hand am not impressed because if we're ever on a sinking ship, my husband is sinking like a rock.’
    • ‘I have to think of my future and I don't want to hang around a sinking ship.’
    • ‘Two months ago, his campaign looked like a sinking ship and today he's probably on the way to the nomination.’
    • ‘The city government cleared out Tuesday night, leaving a sinking ship.’
    • ‘Given his obvious skills at putting the best face on a sinking ship, surely a role with the National Party would have been more appropriate?’
    • ‘Has he received words of encouragement from friends and the like, or has this been jumping off a sinking ship?’
    • ‘His resignation should shortly follow the elections, paving the way for someone new to come in and rebuild a sinking ship.’
    • ‘So what makes the captain of a sinking ship so deserving?’
    • ‘But he got aboard a sinking ship and has had little chance to plug the leaks.’
    • ‘The experience that steadied a sinking ship is likely to remain and changes will be implemented with care.’
    • ‘They haven't jumped a sinking ship and that's appreciated.’