Meaning of a slice of life in English:

a slice of life

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  • A realistic representation of everyday experience in a film, play, or book.

    ‘With his impeccable writing and subtle direction, Yang has created a remarkable, realistic slice of life that almost needs to be seen two or three times to fully comprehend everything that happens.’
    • ‘This film presents a compelling slice of life whilst interrogating with extraordinary discipline the formal predicates which encase both the film and its protagonist.’
    • ‘But her Justine grounds the movie too much, keeping it an everyday slice of life when it could become a work of unbridled operatic brilliance.’
    • ‘The story is part coming of age film, and part slice of life.’
    • ‘Our voyeuristic tendencies are fed generously as the film shows us a slice of life that is both fascinating and horrible to watch.’
    • ‘It's a little slice of life in a gathering of the mundane items of everyday existence.’
    • ‘The film gets points for highlighting a decidedly unique slice of life, presenting it well, and trying to impart something fresh and original.’
    • ‘More times than not the film succeeds as a tough, tender, comic slice of life.’
    • ‘It's an engaging slice of life and a rare example of a disaster film that doesn't rely on special effects.’
    • ‘The play thus falters in its attempt to be a real and funny slice of life, scrambling to make colloquial its many screeds on life and love in the ‘burbs.’