Meaning of a twinkle in someone's eye in English:

a twinkle in someone's eye


(also a gleam in someone's eye)
  • Something that is as yet no more than an idea or dream.

    ‘the scheme is only a gleam in the developer's eye’
    • ‘Her smile was so fake and there was a gleam in her eye, a gleam of hatred as she dragged out every word painfully.’
    • ‘‘Good idea,’ said the Colonel with a twinkle in his eye.’
    • ‘I just had an idea! ‘he said, with a gleam in his eye that made me nervous.’’
    • ‘He would approach the podium and take on a demeanor of sheer delight at the opportunity to speak to others about his ideas, and then, with a gleam in his eye, he would craft these amazing sentences.’
    • ‘If the contrast gets too disturbing, there's no need to despair, because the locals are always on hand with a pitcher of something noxious and a twinkle in their eye.’
    • ‘Long before Dame Berwick was a twinkle in Mother Kaler 's eye, men have dressed up as women for entertainment, and vice versa.’
    • ‘Red was looking at him, and John swore there was a twinkle in Red 's eye.’
    • ‘There's a twinkle in Hartley 's eye as he is reminded of that.’
    • ‘Forty years ago, with only two channels available, no one had heard of attention deficit disorder; remote-controls weren't even a twinkle in a boffin 's eye so no one knew about repetitive strain injury either.’
    • ‘How to teach youngsters the facts of life has presented problems ever since those famous birds and bees were just a twinkle in someone's eye.’