Main meanings of aa in English

: aa1AA2


Pronunciation /ˈɑːɑː/

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mass nounGeology
  • Basaltic lava forming very rough, jagged masses with a light frothy texture.

    Often contrasted with pahoehoe

    ‘Roads of black ash traverse it, winding through the otherwise untraversable aa.’
    • ‘A serpentine flow meanders through formations of smooth pahoehoe lava and rough aa lava, the same forms common in basalt lavas.’
    • ‘Very different from jagged aa, pahoehoe is the other general texture of newly solidified lava.’


Mid 19th century from Hawaiian 'a-'a.

Main meanings of AA in English

: aa1AA2


Pronunciation /eɪˈeɪ/

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  • 1Alcoholics Anonymous.

  • 2Anti-aircraft.

  • 3(in the UK and South Africa) Automobile Association.