Meaning of abdabs in English:


Pronunciation /ˈabdabz/

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plural noun

(also habdabs)
informal British
  • Nervous anxiety or irritation.

    • ‘that idea gives most lawyers the screaming abdabs’
    • ‘As long as they continue to keep out of my kitchen cupboards and bed I won't have the screaming abdabs.’
    • ‘These are the nightmare scenarios that have caused me to wake with the screaming abdabs over the past month.’
    • ‘He goes into prison (the cameraman had the abdabs) to interview the much feared mogul, who is polite and tells him nothing.’
    • ‘I'm not superstitious, but the whole area gave me a case of the screaming abdabs, something Awful and EVIL had happened nearby.’
    • ‘The thought of that could give her the screaming abdabs if she dwelled on it.’


1940s of unknown origin.