Meaning of abductee in English:


Pronunciation /ˌabdʌkˈtiː/


  • A person who has been taken away by force or deception.

    ‘Five of the abductees were allowed to return for what was originally scheduled to be a brief visit.’
    • ‘Why, he wondered, do we not believe the tales of abductees?’
    • ‘Most of the abductees never return and the trail grows cold.’
    • ‘Earlier this year, the children of the other abductees came to Japan and were reunited with their families.’
    • ‘And about 18 months ago a bunch of the original abductees came home to Japan.’
    • ‘Reports say that five of the surviving abductees will soon visit Japan.’
    • ‘They washed up in New York looking like a bunch of newly freed alien abductees.’
    • ‘Jess spent the weekend acting like an abductee in an alien spacecraft.’
    • ‘The experience which abductees think of as an alien abduction experience may be due to certain brain states.’
    • ‘If anyone has ever been abducted, can any of you abductees tell me what aliens eat?’
    • ‘The homecoming of some of abductees' children is only a step forward in the abduction issue.’
    • ‘We are campaigning for the return of the families of the abductees and hope for assistance only on that point and for understanding of our feelings.’
    • ‘The abductees will be reunited with their family members before going through the immigration, according to the proposal.’
    • ‘Pressure is also rising from family members of the abductees.’
    • ‘The spokesman said that two of the abductees had been released.’
    • ‘Then it would be only logical to protect these valued abductees against HIV.’
    • ‘They also interviewed people said to be familiar with the abductees and visited places where some of them had apparently stayed.’
    • ‘Although he is not on the official government list of abductees, there is strong suspicion that he, too, was kidnapped.’
    • ‘Terror in the face of potentially false memories was one issue McNally hoped to study with abductees.’
    • ‘The reclusive state's fabricated documents and false claims could be evidence that the abductees are still alive.’