Meaning of abjure the realm in English:

abjure the realm


  • Swear an oath to leave a country forever.

    ‘prior to transportation, offenders were sometimes permitted to abjure the realm’
    • ‘If the accused would neither submit to trial nor abjure the realm after 40 days, he was starved into submission.’
    • ‘Adam and the others fled to the Church of Branscombe, confessed their crime, and abjured the realm before the coroner.’
    • ‘He would be sentenced to abjure the realm or suffer death as a felon.’
    • ‘The severity of the law was modified by a felon's right to abjure the realm if he succeeded in reaching the sanctuary of a church.’
    • ‘The fair Agnes also confessed to her share in the crime of passion, and the lovers eventually abjured the realm.’
    • ‘They fled to the church of Petherton and abjured the realm.’
    • ‘There he admitted his deed and abjured the realm.’
    • ‘Even while abjurations were in force, such a criminal was not allowed to take sanctuary and abjure the realm.’
    • ‘Gilbert confessed before the coroner and abjured the realm, but Simon was found not guilty.’
    • ‘Within the time fixed by law and custom, he abjured the realm, proposing to leave the country by the port of Dover.’