Meaning of Abkhaz in English:


Pronunciation /abˈkɑːz/


  • Relating to Abkhazia, its people, or their language.

    ‘It is true that the military channelled logistical support to Abkhaz separatists during the war.’
    • ‘The apparent end of the Abkhaz election crisis should pave the way for resuming talks with Georgia on settling the territorial conflict.’
    • ‘The Abkhaz coast appears, fringed with palms, oleanders and groves of eucalyptus trees planted long ago by the Russians to dry out the malarial marshes.’
    • ‘His death has sparked concerns among South Ossetian and Abkhaz leaders.’
    • ‘Their peacekeepers actively aided the advance of Abkhaz troops.’
    • ‘There was little in Georgian or Abkhaz national mythology to explain the depth of hatred that arose during the conflict there.’
    • ‘He claimed he would ‘do his utmost to peacefully settle the Abkhaz conflict.’’
    • ‘Abkhaz and Ossetian leaders were immediately summoned to Moscow for consultations.’
    • ‘The Abkhaz separatist dispute also continues to absorb much of the government's attention.’
    • ‘In the northwest, members of the Abkhaz ethnic group asserted their right to self-determination.’
    • ‘At the time of writing, neither the Abkhaz nor the Ossetian conflicts have been resolved.’
    • ‘They hope Russia will put pressure on the Abkhaz and South Ossetian leaderships to give up their quest for independence.’

nounplural noun Abkhaz

  • 1A member of a people living mainly in Abkhazia.

    ‘No one has been able to offer anything attractive enough to woo the South Ossetians and Abkhaz into a unified country.’
    • ‘However, among the Abkhaz and Ossetians, tension and radical nationalism after the disintegration of the Soviet Union led to civil wars.’
    • ‘They were represented on the flag by green and white stripes: four greens for the Muslims (Circassians, Balkars, Chechens, Daghestan) and three whites for the Christians (the Abkhaz, Kabards, Ossetians).’
    • ‘He added, ‘No one asked Ossetians and the Abkhaz whether they want to stay in Georgia.’’
    • ‘The texts have been taken from four of the ethnic groups who possess Nart sagas: the Adyges, the Abazas, the Abkhaz and the Ubykhs.’
    • ‘In 1993 he and his men had helped the inexperienced Abkhaz to capture Abkhazia's capital.’
    • ‘Georgian forces were driven out during fierce fighting that killed thousands of ethnic Abkhaz and Georgians.’
  • 2mass noun The North Caucasian language of the Abkhaz.

    ‘Most Abkhazians are ethnic Abkhazes and their first language is Abkhaz, though they speak Russian as well.’
    • ‘The Abkhaz texts were translated by George Hewitt from their original language.’